How to Auto-hide Firefox Scrollbar


Stylish is an extension which offers the ability to customize many different websites. This extension can provide custom-made themes for a website of your choice.

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How to Write a Review


All app reviews should begin with an introduction. This will give the reader a rough idea of what the app you are reviewing is going to be about. From this they then will be able to decide if they want to read on with your article or not. Continue reading

Solstice Android Icon Pack Review


I recently picked up an icon pack for Android called Solstice. This pack features over 1450 custom made icons for your Android device. Before you install these though please note that you do need an Android launcher for these icons to work. I would recommend installing Nova Launcher (free). Prime is also good for extra features (such as gestures). Continue reading

Google Now for Nexus 7

In today’s video I demo some useful features included in Google Now, these include searching for the latest movies, places, people and more.

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Resoph Notes Windows App Review


Roseph Notes

Resoph Notes is a simple and minimalistic note-taking application for Windows. It comes in a small package, but includes a whole array of useful features.

I find myself using this app daily. It has many features, it is great for the people who just want to get things done. Although it’s not going to replace your Word editing program, it is more than ideal for jotting down notes.  Continue reading